Just Beyond


Just Beyond

A Journey

Created By
Choreographer/Dancer Lyn Denton
Composer/Musician Derek Houghton
Costume/Sculpture Design Jill Denton
Lighting Design Voirrey Watterson
Projection Design Rob Norman

Just Beyond, set in a five part structure explores life from its most simple and organic form, through confrontations to liberation.

The piece is designed to transform any environment enveloping the audience in a highly imaginative meeting of sound, light, colour and movement.

Special thanks to :

Cindy Cunningham, Jon Stark, Kathy Norman
Stephanie Selley, Rudolph Steiner School
Arts Outreach, Theatre Workshop


Images and Reflections of Earth from Space Explorers.


When we look into the sky, it seems to us to be endless. We breathe without thinking about it, as is natural. We think without consideration about the boundless ocean of air, and then you sit aboard a spacecraft, you tear away from Earth, and within ten minutes you have been carried straight through the layer of air, and beyond there is nothing. Beyond the air there is only emptiness, coldness, darkness. The boundless blue sky, the ocean which give us breath and protects us from the endless black and death, is but an infinitesimally thin film. How dangerous it is to threaten even the smallest part of this gossammer covering this conserver of life.


Before I flew I was already aware of how small and vulnerable our planet was; but only when I saw it from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realise that humankinds most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations


The peaks were the recognition that it is a harmonious, purposeful, creating universe. The valleys came in recognizing that humanity wasn't behaving in acoordance with that knowledge.


As I looked down, I saw a large river meandering slowly along for miles, passing from one country to another without stopping. I also saw huge forests, extending across several borders. And I watched the extent of one ocean touch the shores of separate continents. Two words leaped to mind as I looked down on all of this commonality and interdependence. We are one world.


Nature has been limitlessly kind to us, having helped humankind appear, stand up, and grow stronger. She has generously given us everything she has amassed over the billions of years of inanimate development. We have grown strong and powerful, yet how have we answered this goodness ?




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