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State Theta - Collaborative Arts Performance Company.
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For our great grandmother and great grandfather

For our Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather

The Movement of a Centre

Dancer / Choreographer

Musician / Composer

Visual Artist

Costume Design

Lighting Design

Projection Design

Special Thanks

  • To all those who have helped in making this event possible, especially Stephanie Selley / ELCHAT and the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh.
  • To teachers and friends who have given encouragement, inspiration and support.

I long to talk to you,
every day to walk softly
over your skin
breathing your breath.

Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather,
I dreamed last night I was a child
lost in a land where I could not understand
the language the people spoke.
But they helped each other, old befriending young.

Suckling from the father
Dancing on the soft breast of my mother
To find our home invisible and internally laughing.

Swallowed and drinking from the sky
A Golden fountain bubbles up to the stars
Yellow beams pass
all the way across desert planes
wind circles inside
your feet
and the rain leaps from crashing sea rocks.

For the Great Grandmother earth
I give this song, long without the touch to cover the wound
Spinning round our sun
Do you think of the cutting line we trace upon the body
Our planet,
see how it shines
in space
The land is now open for all to see
beyond our control.

Lightly touch the earth drawing down from high and clear
to give

Gold to the senses,