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State Theta - Collaborative Arts Performance Company.
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For our great grandmother and great grandfather

Daucus Carota

Tennyson's Arthur

Dancer / Choreographer

Musician / Composer

Actor / Narrator


Set Design

Daucus Carota -The Wild Carrot

is a light hearted look at the romance of ancient Celtic traditions, myths and associations.

State Theta -Daucus carota

The project took root during a spell working in schools in which the pupils were encouraged to research some of our ancient traditions and work with the company to develop a performance piece.

At a later date the company developed some of those themes and encouraged Tom McGrath and John Cobb to share their humour.

Daucus Carota was performed as a prelude to 'Reply' but Derek and Lyn retained excerpts from it to perform as a fill in piece at several festivals.

For the cast the performance marked an defining moment in their stage careers.

It was the first time they had danced together as carrots.