Attention: For the Tara Dance Weekend in June, please click here (www.statetheta.com)

State Theta is a group of varied professional artists conceived in early 1989 by choreographer
Audicia Lynne Morley (Lyn Denton) and musician Derek Houghton.

The aims of State Theta are to:

  1. Encourage a collaborative approach between varied art forms.
    'State Theta's strength lies in its willingness to develop the expressive possibility of all the theatrical arts'..........The List


  2. Present performance and workshops of the highest standards, creating theatre that is challenging,
    imaginative, exciting and original.
    'Visual flair, provactive and comical' ...........The Scotsman
    'Beguiling and authorative'.......The Herald


  3. Promote our work throughout the country, particularly in rural areas where specialised
    performance and workshops may be less accessible.


  4. Offer the performance and workshops to stimulate and inspire a greater understanding
    and interest in the forms used, encouraging people in the development of their own ideas and skills.


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